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Ottawa Bin Rental


Here are the answers to some of the commonly asked questions. If you have any more questions, contact us at

How much does it cost to rent a bin?
It depends on the waste type, the size of the bin and your particular requirements. General waste is disposed of at landfill sites or transfer stations where it is weighted and weight charges are applied to your invoice. Check out our “Pricing” page for more info.

When and how do I pay for the bin?
We accept credit card. All bin orders are pre-authorized at the time of ordering the bin, and charged on picked up, when weighed and dumped. Any additional charges for excess weight fees, extra days, bin scrapes on frozen bins, etc. will be applied to the invoice and charged. The invoice will be sent by email.

What size bin I need?
This all depends on the type of waste you are going to put in the bin. The “Pricing” page provides bin sizes with dimensions to help you select. If you are unsure select the next size up.

Use a Clean Fill / Hard Fill bin, if you have any of the following:
Soil, sand, clay, rocks, rubble, bricks, and/or sand. No other waste can be mixed in this bin (i.e. concrete with rebar requires its own separate bin, as well as construction/demolition and general waste). Additional charges will apply if other waste is placed in this bin.

I have asphalt and/or concrete to remove.
Asphalt and/or concrete can be placed is a 4 yard bin and can be recycled if there are no other contaminates in the bin.

Removal of Asbestos:
For the removal of asbestos we provide a lockable 20 yard covered bin. The asbestos must be double bagged with authorized and labeled bags on the outside and is to be kept separate from regular waste. No loose items can be in the bin. We are authorized with a Ministry of Environment certificate to haul Asbestos. By appointment only. Call for pricing and details .

What can't go in the bin? And what do I do with hazardous materials?
Hazardous waste cannot be placed in the bin. This includes freon (fridges and freezers), paints, solvents or liquids. To dispose of any of these materials you can find more information at or Disposal of tires, mattresses, box springs and items listed above, found in the bin will incur additional charges

Where does the waste go?
We use many landfills and dumpsites around the city depending on what type of waste you dispose of. We do our best to make sure the waste is being handling in a way that won’t have a negative impact on the environment. Check out this video from the Tomlinson Environmental Services:

How long can I keep the bin?
We provide the bin for up to 6 days on-site. If we deliver a bin on a Friday then we would pick the bin up on the following Thursday. The day before we pick up the bin, you will receive a pick up email; you can confirm the pickup or extend the rental, for an extra charge.

How high can I fill the bin?
The load should be level with the top of the bin. Should you have more debris, we are more than happy to bring you another bin. We would also request that sharp object like nails, sharp sticks, sharp wood and tin be facing down in the bin as these catch on the tarps and is dangerous for our drivers.

Will the dumpster fit in my driveway?
Bin There Dump That's bins come in a variety of sizes and have a footprint about the size of - if not smaller than - a minivan. Most driveways are at least 10 feet wide, providing plenty of room for the bin

Will the bin damage my driveway?
The only way to truly protect your driveway is to make sure that the bin itself never actually touches the ground. Our proper use of large strong wooden planks is the best and most effective method.

Do I need a permit to rent a bin?
If the bin is going in your yard or driveway, you won’t need a permit. However, if you want the bin placed on a sidewalk or street, you will have to contact the city for a permit.

How much notice do I need to give when ordering my bin?
We can usually deliver a bin within 24hrs of ordering, however, we suggest bins are booked as far in advance as possible to ensure you are able to get a bin that best meets your requirements.

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